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Goldburg Gravel is a family owned and operated gravel business located adjacent to Goldburg Road in the Bear Hills, halfway between Biggar and Rosetown. We serve the Rosetown, Biggar and surrounding areas.

We scale all loads and provide load-sheets and scale tickets for our customers.

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What we do:

Goldburg Gravel can provide many different services for your business.

  • Hauling of Aggregate
  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Bury rock piles
  • Installation of culverts

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by phone: +1 306 948 2801
by phone: +1 306 948 7279

Please contact us for quotes or questions.

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We will sell our inventory of crushed stone to your specifications for large volume orders.

We provide a variety of aggregate products and services. Please contact us for quotes or questions.


At Goldburg Gravel Ltd. We offer excavation as part of range of eFarthworks services.

Local quality

We provide aggregate to local landowners for laneways, bin sites and construction.


Part of our earthworks service scope is demolition work of buildings. Also burying of rock piles.

Attention to detail

We like to work with our customers to provide the most cost efficient approach to the job by paying attention to detail.


We provide hauling services for all types of aggregate, including crushed and screened rock , sand, rip rap and pit run. We try to meet your time constraints in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our Partners

We have partnered with local municipalities and provided product for larger projects such as an inland grain terminal, Enbridge pipeline, road contractors and construction sites, both business and residential. Local farmers look to us for laneways, bin sites and building site products.

Goldburg Gravel

is your reliable supplier of best quality gravel

Goldburg Gravel, serving the towns of Biggar, Rosetown and area.

Goldburg Gravel Ltd. was registered and incorporated in 2011 and is now serving the towns of Biggar, Rosetown and area. It was named after an old post office that was located at one time on the adjacent Goldburg Rd. The Craig family owns and operates this company with four family members involved, Leam and Crystal, son Nathan and his wife Meagan. We also hire extra seasonal staff.

The company owns the land the pit site is located on and allowed the R.M. that it exists in to bring in a crusher operator the first year. After that initial crush it was evident that we as the owners of the land could make a value added product if we crushed on our own.

We bought the needed equipment including a scale with a digital printout system. We were fortunate that there were some large scale projects on the go in the area that we could be involved in.These included supplying product to the Enbridge substation site, the new Parrish and Heimbecker Inland terminal and several municipal projects. We are central to 3 rural municipalities and to Rosetown ,Biggar, Herschel and Harris. Therefore Goldburg Gravel is serving both the towns of Biggar and Rosetown as well as Herschel and Harris.

Each year brings new opportunities and we aim to continue providing existing customers with quality products in a timely manner. We are always looking for new customers and would love to be part of your next project large or small. Give us a call !

Leam Craig

Owner and Operations

Leam is the site foreman, operator and sales person.

Crystal Craig

Book-keeping and HRM

Crystal does the book-keeping and human resource management.

Nathan and Meagan


Nathan and Meagan help with operating equipment and trucking.

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We are reliable and responsive to the time demands of the customer and aim to provide a quality product that meets your needs!

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