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Akshay Kumar
Operations Head

Mr. Akshay Garg is an Operations Head at ExploreX. ExploreX stands for vision, a promise to make sure that we can make every individual on the planet to go an extra mile. A journey from normal to something Exceptional.

Bachelor of Banking and Insurance

Based in India, he is a Finance expert and 5+ years veteran at the firm, working with major organizations in India. Besides from that he plays major role in Marketing, product Research & Development at Artificial Exploration Technologies.

Mr. Akshay is one of the co-founder members for ExploreX. At ExploreX we have a dream, a vision, a promise to make sure that we make everyone a bit more than normal… an Exception. We truly believe that every individual has the ability to go beyond the normal.


“Team work, pro-activeness, ownership, the willingness to learn and openness to feedback – all of these are assets that are essential to grow. Keep learning, and always remember to go the extra mile… it’s never crowded”